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eDeposite is an asset-backed currency, where investors’ funds are been valued and structured to ensure a continuous appreciation in the value of the coin. We have a structure to backup eDeposite funds with the large mineral deposits in Africa, stable international fiat currencies, a growing number of African MSME such as; African Fintechs, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation, Real Estate, and most importantly focusing on human capital development.

Total Coin for Sale: 1,000,000,000USD

The minimum purchase is 1 Coin token
Get a bonus from 5% to 10% on every new token purchase after you




As the modern world is evolving with cutting–edge technology rising from new concepts, such as Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Financial system built on Blockchain Technology, also known as Cryptocurrency. African’s interest in cryptocurrency is immeasurable. Some economists say “it is a Disruptive Technology that will Blossom on the Continent”.


Cryptocurrency enables one to bypass intermediaries and remain independent from traditional financial institutions. However, only a few managed to become a commonly used monetary asset. Merchants and service providers in Africa are often very reluctant in accepting cryptocurrency payments as it involves additional risks of exchange losses and regulatory issues.




Token Details

Token Uses  eDeposite
Token Standard:  EDT Protocol
Token Name:   eDeposite Token
Token Symbol:  EDT
Average Contribution:  $1/Contributor
Number of Transactions:  100/sec
Countries Participating:  55
Total Tokens Issued:  1,000,000,000
Token Sale Jurisdiction Africa



It is imperative to detail how token funds will be used.
Funds raised during the ICO will be managed in the following ways: 

Assets Backing the Currency - 85%
Infrastructure Setup - 5%
Administrative - 3%
System Maintenance - 7%

Total Coin for Sale:


Infrastructure: 5%

Management Welfare: 3%

African Mineral Deposits

Technology and Human Capital Development

System Maintenance: 7%

Backup Asset: 85%

Stable International Fiat Currencies










David U











The Cryptocurrency Designed for African Economy

The African Economy keeps growing with a huge boose levery year. Cryptocurrency is now changing the world and very much in use in Africa today. Basically, cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on an innovation technology called BLOCKCHAIN. This technology was invented with the aim of tackling hunger and poverty across all parts of the….

The Cryptocurrency Designed for African Economy

How travelling abroad devalues your credit worthiness.

Disclaimer: eDeposite is NOT Get Rich Quick Scheme


Frequently Asked Questions

eDeposite coin is a cryptocurrency with an African heritage that allows financial transactions to be performed transparently across borders with lesser transaction fees.
eDeposite has been designed to uplift the African Economy with her independent blockchain that enables more tokens to be created on it.

eDeposite has NO SINGLE OWNER, it was a brainchild of a lot young African Entrepreneurs who came together after critically studied the state of African Economy & saw the need to revitalize it through blockchain technology. So many young talented Africans has contributed to the success of this project and donated the Glory to African populace.

As of January 2021 during the ICO, 1eDT is valued at 1$ expected to rise to 5$ before December 2021.

The eDeposite network is controlled by 55 Nodes, the blockchain has been designed to be controlled by her increasing number of technical participants from different African countries. Becoming a node has been restricted to only African technology firms.

eDeposite coin work like the other cryptocurrencies of the world, it enables developers to build applications on its blockchain, these apps are often called DApps.

Once a transaction enters the system, the request is instantly redistributed to all the active nodes for validation. These nodes are to declare the transaction True T. or False F., by declaring a transaction True, a signature is appended on the transaction, if all nodes declare a transaction to be True (T), the transaction is processed and recorded on each node’s explorer and also on the public ledger. In a situation a transaction is declared False F. by a single node the transaction will remain pending till the next hour and re-validated by all the node, if the same transaction is declared F again by the same node, the transaction will be re-postponed till the next hour, this transaction will keep getting postponed till another node declare it F or all the nodes declares it T. If up to 25% of all the live node declares it false, the transaction is automatically canceled and recorded on a separate ledger for fraud investigation. For every transaction, all nodes will verify the origin of the sender’s balance from his last 10 transactions, this is to check the legitimacy of the sender’s balance before allowing it to proceed.

The core part of eDeposite blockchain is written with RUST, choosing this low-level language is mainly because of its memory management, security, and processing capability of the language.

eDeposite coin can only be acquired through their verified merchant, which is always at the grassroots. eDeposite organization also has representatives across all higher institutions in the continent.

Making eDeposite coin payment is not difficult, the system has been designed to provide fast, secure, efficient, and seamless transactions.

eDeposite coin provides a peer-to-peer decentralized system, provides immutability, guarantees financial autonomy, provides maximum security for users funds, and also bypass the unnecessary financial intermediaries that increase the cost of the transaction.

You can make money with eDeposite during the ICO by becoming a merchant, a representative, or a coordinator.
Also, according to the roadmap on their Whitepaper, eDeposite coin will be listed on global exchange platforms where it can be traded for profits.

No, eDeposite has been associated with many people across the continent.

If your private key is kept to you only, you cannot lose your coins, but once you lose your account due to poor handling, it can’t be retrieved back again. For that reason, every investor is advised to keep their login credentials, most especially the private key and not to reveal it to anyone.

eDeposite coin price is determined by the market demand of their many use cases and also been an asset-backed cryptocurrency, the current value of those assets is also a factor that determines the price.

eDeposite blockchain development started in 2018 with a prototype on and many sandboxes were developed to test the system. The blockchain development was completed late in 2020.

eDeposite will be enlisted after the launching on March

eDeposite can never be a scam. It is a genuine effort made by those interested in developing the African continent through blockchain technology that created the platform to give everyday people greater access to a simplified cryptocurrency.

eDeposite is not a High Yielding Investment Program (HYIP). But a long term cryptocurrency token project whose success depends largely on the collective contribution of it’s members and investors.
eDeposite, being a decentralized blockchain technology is dedicated to helping African solve many economic Problems. It’s aim to help everyday people capture more economic value. If you are looking for quick money, look elsewhere.

eDeposite has its own independent blockchain, and the blockchain itself is also called eDeposite. It was purposely designed to suit African technological standards and gradually improve it to a global scale, this will enable her enable technical participants like the Nodes, merchants, vendors and developers to build application suitable for the continent on the protocol.

There two ways to earn from eDeposite

  1. You can earn as an ordinary merchant. As a merchant you buy the coins into your merchant account and resell it to people around you.
  2. You can also apply for a coordinating position, here you will be given any of the available positions from state coordinators, LGA coordinators, LCDA coordinator, Ward and institutional representatives. With any of these, your earnings are in two ways.
    (1) Profit on every token sold
    (2) Weekly commission from the company. But you have more responsibilities as a coordinator or representative. You will also be placed on a weekly target.

Contributions are welcome in the following areas;
Corporate Governance, Law, Accounting, Business Development, Software Development, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing and many more areas

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